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Frozen Application 

Problem Statement

In today’s technologically driven time, we are moving towards a phase where we want maximum tasks to be automated. The Frozen application is an intelligent refrigerator that would work with today’s modern smart refrigerators. The idea behind designing this application is to make sure the daily tasks of the user are automated and help users lead healthy eating habits.


The application helps the user by providing the following features such as flexibility in connecting with any brand of intelligent refrigerator, automating the grocery list generating task, helping a user in keeping track of the expiry of the food product, suggesting user with a healthy meal plan based on the items available in their refrigerator, controlling temperature, light and activating child lock on the refrigerator using the application. The application uses an AI model to take input from the refrigerator based on image recognition and suggest different meal plans. The application also uses AI to help keep track of items running low in the refrigerator and will add those items to the grocery list of the users.


Characteristics of users

  • Target population Age group of 18 – 75 yr.

  • Owners of Smart Refrigerator.

  • Nutritionists.

  • Working women and men.

  • Health Professionals.

  • Homemakers.

  • Socially active people.

Persona 1

  • Name:  Joey Tribbani

  • Occupation:  Gym Trainer

  • Age: 27

  • Gender: Male


  • Joey loves to work out daily.

  • He prefers to eat healthy food

  • Joey is a health freak, but he struggles a lot on figuring out new healthy recipes

Persona 1

  • Name:  Monika Geller

  • Occupation:  Home Maker

  • Age: 45

  • Gender: Female


  • Monika is homemaker.

  • she struggles to keep her food fresh for a longer time.

  • Monika has two small kids who usually forgets to close the refrigerator.

Focus Group

A Focus group is a technique of collecting data from a range of users by performing group interviews. In focus group, one moderator leads the focus group, an observant, and 3 to 10 participants. I held two focus groups with five members each. The first focus group had people from the working class, elderly people enjoying their retirement, bachelor staying alone, and parents with small kids. The second focus group had people working in the I.T. industry and currently own a Smart Refrigerator.

Questions asked

  • ​Does it frustrate you when you must throw away your food because it expired?

  • Would you feel good if your refrigerator makes your grocery list?

  • Would you ever want assistance with figuring out different recipes with the food items left in your refrigerator?

  • Did you ever have any connectivity issues while connecting your smart refrigerator with your mobile application?

  • One advantage of having a smart refrigerator over a traditional refrigerator

Quotes from the user's

  • It is very cool and makes life so much easier.

  • I can check on the prepared dish that I have kept in the refrigerator.

  • As it is a new concept, it took a while to understand the app flow.

  • What if i want to add an item that's not present in the list

  • I used pen and paper before to make my grocery list. But this app makes it more convient.

Few suggestions by user's

  • There should be a way to edit the grocery list.

  • A way to reduce food odor in the refrigerator.

  • Refrigerator screens could provide us with inbuilt notes rather than using sticky notes.

  • Provide the user with a list of all the things running low inside the refrigerator so that they need not worry about keeping track of the things.

  • If they could control the temperature of drawers and compartment separately



Scenario 1:

In this scenario, a man is in the grocery store buying groceries. He is confused about what he should get for his groceries. Since he does not have a prepared grocery list, he thinks he might need to return to see what he needs from the store. But as he had the Frozen app, he could generate his grocery list based on the available and not available items in his smart Refrigerator. So, the man carries out the following steps to generate his list using a frozen app.

Scenario 2:

In this scenario, a woman is in her office working. She notices her kid playing in the kitchen through her phone. She worries that her child might open the Fridge and can hurt himself while trying to get something out. Since she has a frozen app, she can turn on the child lock to prevent her child from any injuries.



Scenario 1:


Scenario 2:


High Fedility Prototype

Main page.PNG
Main page 1.PNG
Homee page 2.PNG
Home page.PNG


For evaluation, I performed the Wizard of Oz and experiment study, where we asked the participants to complete the task and observe all their positive and negative opinions about the application. The participants selected for the study had a different demographic. The overall view of the participants was that they found the application very useful. They were able to perform the task without facing any significant challenges. However, it did take some time for the participants to understand the overall concept of the application and figure out the layout of the application. The older participants struggled with the overall design since they did not have that much technical knowledge. The older adults had difficulty remembering their passwords, so signing in took them longer. It was difficult for them to comprehend the entire interface and navigate through the application as it was new. But after a few attempts, they did think that it was pretty easy to use the application. The task chosen for the study covered the prominent feature of the application. After performing the survey, we got an opinion on changing a few things in design and adding a few elements to our application to make it more user-friendly and innovative.

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