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Famers Sellers Market

Problem Statement

In today's internet-driven world, where people have started ordering groceries online, it's becoming difficult for farmers to sell their products directly to users. A farmer's seller's market is a website that allows farmers to sell their products online directly to customers or local restaurants. The website has features such as a dashboard consisting of important information regarding sales, product listing, which the farmers can use to list their products on the Farmer website and a virtual tour on which the users can upload their farm's videos which will help them attract more customers. They can create their ads for either sale or for promoting their products on the website; there is also a section on the website that will provide them with a marketing training video which will be helpful for the farmers to learn a new technique in which they can make their marketing more effective.


To show how the users interact with the system, I have used a narrative storyboard that provides this context. It uses a sequence of images to tell a complete story about people’s interactions over time, where each image in the storyboard represents a particular event. They communicate information about the location where the interaction occurs, present the people as personalities, and provide details about the other actions and things people do as they interact.



Once the solution was in place, I moved toward building the sketched wireframe before building a high-fidelity prototype. Once the wireframe is ready, the next step is to test it with users for feedback.


User Interview

For evaluating the wireframe of the Farmers Seller's market website, I conducted a wizard of Oz for which I selected 2 participants one had little background in farming, aged 59, and the other one was an engineer with technical knowledge, aged 30. Both Participants had different opinions about the overall website. The participant with a farming background did like the idea of having a website where they can sell their products since there are many times when their products are not sold and get spoiled, so having an online place to sell their product sounds like a good idea. The other person, age 30, was more into how this entire website would grow and what technical advantages and flaws are in the website.

Participants 1 Observation(Male aged 59):

  • He really liked the idea of having an online place to sell their farm product.

  • Did like the flow of the website since it's easy to understand and the process of listing their product is very simple.

  • Was concerned about how they can deliver their product for which the order comes.

  • It would be better to have a guide for the new visitors to show how the website works.

  • He did like the idea of providing training videos to improve their marketing skills.

  • The idea of uploading virtual tour videos but not allowing people to visit

Participants 2 Observation(Male aged 30):

  • The second participant did like the basic flow of the website and the idea behind the website.

  • He liked the color combination of the website and how small details were taken into consideration.

  • He did mention that on the listing page once the user clicks on the create button there should be a preview of their listing before creating it completely.

  • On the dashboard page, there should be a section that shows them total income for the year which will give them an idea of where they stand.

Interactive Prototype - Tool used AdobeXd

I have used Adobe XD as my prototyping tool to develop my Farmer's Seller's website prototype. This online Farmer's seller website allows farmers to sell their vegetables and fruits and their products online in bulk. The website is inspired by the Amazon seller website, a kind of back-end website on which the retailers list their products to sell on Amazon.

 Interactive Elements:

  • Drop-down

  • Slider content

  • Date-Picker

  • Back Button

  • Touch Tool

  • Scrollable bar

  • Search bar

  • Text entry

  • Button

  • Checkbox

  • Radio button

  • Clickable icon

Video Prototype

Outcome & learning


  • Learned AdobXD for developing an interactive prototype.

  • Learned conducting Wizard of Oz, think aloud.

  • Learned documentation and summarization.

  • Learned to develop video prototyping.


  • Select end users, interviewing end-user for Wizard of Oz.

  • I could have done a little more research or surveyed local farms to understand their everyday challenges.

  • I could have conducted the Wizard of Oz after the high-fidelity prototype was created.

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