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CardWorks intranet redesign

To give employees tools to succeed in their work and foster sense of community

Business Title

Neutral Minimalist New Website Launch Mockup Instagram Post (1).png
Neutral Minimalist New Website Launch Mockup Instagram Post.png
Neutral Minimalist New Website Launch Mockup Instagram Post (2).png

My Role


UI Designer

UX Designer


Tools Used



Google Form




8 Weeks


Digital Director

CardWorks VP


Project Introduction


CardWorks Servicing, LLC. (CWS) was founded to provide servicing, operational support, and portfolio management to credit card issuers and acquirers. CWS is now a leading servicer of credit cards, national debit cards, pre-funded cards, installment loans, and other unique card products. CWS is also one of the largest privately held servicers of MasterCard/Visa cards.


Digitally enable and engage our employee base, give them the tools to succeed in their work and foster a sense of community.


Design Process


Research Process

Vision and Goals for New Intranet

          How do we enable?

  • Allow for personalization

  • Ease of access to standardized information

  • One place for policies and other relevant information

  • Aid in new hire experience

  • Support remote work

  • Mobile access

     What tools do we need?

  • Functional search

  • Access to applications and directories

  • Important reminders and announcements

  • Integration to HR and training tools

  • Usage statistics

      How can we engage?

  • Make a user friendly and visually appealing experience 

  • Use the channel to support and aid in broader engagement activities

  • Allow for various forms of multimedia and content (video, images, polls, etc.)


Departments we covered via 16 interviews:

  • Data, Technology and Digital – Digital Product Management

  • CRM – Client Change Management

  • Human Resources – Communications, Learning and Development, Talent

  • Legal

  • Operations: Call Center Engagement, Social Media, Project Management

Breakdown: 209 employees surveyed, 32% response rate across 25 Business Units, the top five department roles, various tenures and all employee locations.

~80% respondents either work entirely remote or only sometimes work from office

~50% respondents use the intranet 5+ times a week

~75% respondents consider the current intranets are not useful in connection and collaboration with colleagues, or building a sense of work community

~ 50% new joiners answered that they don’t know how to access any/all intranets

Capture 4.PNG
Capture 5.PNG



Through deep understanding of the business and through card sorting , the current site's navigation was narrowed down from from 33 to 19. 


 Total No. of pages: 33 pages

Capture 1.PNG


 Total No. of pages: 19 pages

Capture 2.PNG


According to the new sitemap their are total 19 pages. I started designing the wireframes by sketching them using pen and paper before creating the digital wireframes.


Digital Wireframes.

Digital Wireframes were created using PowerPoint, along with description explaining each wireframe.


Preview digital wireframe highlight


Once the Wireframes were finalized the high fidelity prototypes were created.

Preview Hi-Fi Prototype


Next Steps

  • Conduct user testing on the prototype by recruiting employees from different department.

  • Make changes based on the user review and iterate the design phase.

  • Develop the intranet using SHarepoint

Project Takeaways

This was my first intranet project that client was gonna develop using SharePoint and it was a definitely good experience as UI/UX designer. As a designer it gave an opportunity to learn how to work with limited design option, limited resource and how to come up with solution with those resource to make the best user experience.

I really enjoyed learning new tool used majorly for companies intranet (SharePoint). The user research gave me an insight about how much important companies internal communication is for the growth and success of its employees. The opportunity showed me that as a designer how to come with best solutions with limited design options. It was a good reminder throughout the project that my job is to design for the employees and company since it is also gonna be contributing factor for company and its employees growth.

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